San Diego Longsword

Membership Options

Chivalry Today’s San Diego Longsword (SDLS) medieval fencing program has a membership level that’s right for you, whether you are just starting out, or are a highly experienced WMA practitioner.

The membership options offered here can be purchased month-by-month, or with price discounts for quarterly or annual commitments.


For ages 10-18

  • One class session per week. (Youth/teen classes are focused on learning historical fencing at a speed and level of focus appropriate to younger students.)

  • Full access to the SDLS video training library


For new students learning the basics or those with limited time or budget

  • Attend one live WMA training class per week (in-person or online)*

    *Talk to our coaching staff to see which one is right for you.

  • Limited access to SDLS video training library


For experienced WMA practitioners or those ready to improve their technical understanding and move beyond the basics.

  • Attend any/all weekly live classes (in-person + online)

  • Open Floor Night 
    (when available)

  • Full access to the SDLS video training library

Video Only

Convenient, Learn-Anywhere WMA Training (strictly solo, at-home, social-distanced)

  • Full access to SDLS video training

  • Ever-expanding collection of modular training courses and stand-alone practice sessions

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home

Pricing Options


$85 - $95

per month
  • Monthly: $95/mo
  • Quarterly: $90/mo
  • Annual: $85/mo


$90 - $100

per month
  • Monthly: $100/mo
  • Quarterly: $95/mo
  • Annual: $90/mo


$110 - $130

per month
  • Monthly: $130/mo
  • Quarterly: $120/mo
  • Annual: $110/mo

Video Only

$19.99 - $29.99

per month
  • Monthly: $29.99/mo
  • Quarterly: $25.99/mo
  • Annual: $19.99/mo

Single Class

Not sure which membership is right for you?
Sign up for an SDLS class at the drop-in rate of $40/class session.    Or sign up for our next Taster Night!

Contact us here to get started

Private Lessons

Private and small group lessons for up to six participants are also available.

Contact us for more details

Choose the SDLS Membership That’s Right For You
and Get Started Training Today!

Meet Your Instructors

Scott Farrell
Co-Founder and Program Director

Scott is the founder and director of Chivalry Today, with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of arms, armor, and medieval military history.

A professional journalist and published author, Scott has also been involved with independent study programs at the Royal Armories at Leeds, and with Cadw (the department of the Welsh government in charge of preserving castles and other historical monuments).

Loreen Mattis
Education Program Administrator / Armored Combat Presenter

Need something done? Just reach out and Loreen will be sure to make it happen! Loreen is a practicing western martial artist and helps to Scott take care of the administrative side of things so he can focus on what he does best – sharing his knowledge and expertise in medieval society.

When not in the office or on the fighting field, Loreen can be found in the fencing studio as an assistant longsword coach. She loves teaching introductory classes as it is her joy in life to watch others grow in their technique, skill, and confidence as they embark on the journey of a swordsman.

Instructors - Scott & Loreen