Recommended Gear

Our students, friends, and colleagues often ask us what kind of equipment we use and where we purchased it from. The following products are suggested by us because we like them, have used them, and have had positive interactions with their sellers.

Choosing safety equipment and sparring gear is a bit like purchasing a pair of shoes – one size does not fit all and what is comfortable and safe for one person may not be for another. These products have worked for many of our coaches and students but we do not officially endorse or guarantee the safety of any of the products below.

For a list of equipment required to participate in class, please click the button below. 

Required Equipment

Where to Buy

Remember, we do not endorse or guarantee the safety of any of the products below. These are products that have worked for us in the past and that meet our minimum safety requirements. Use your best judgement to determine the level of safety you personally require. You are responsible for the selection and maintenance of your equipment. 

Our of concern for the health and well-being of our members, San Diego Longsword no longer offers loaner equipment, with the exception of synthetic swords. As evidenced by the smell, even after a good dunk in bleach, loaner gear is a haven for bacteria and fungus. This is not a COVID specific issue, though COVID is certainly among the sanitary concerns. All that said, let's share the joy of sword fighting and keep our germs to ourselves! 


That Gal's Gorgets

Leather and steel gorgets. These are excellent throat protectors.

Great for reenactment or just looking pretty. Email if listed as out of stock. Gorgets can be made to order.   


Red Dragon Gorget

The Red Dragon Gorget provides adequate hard throat protection and is a cost effective option. These are appropriate for modern HEMA tournaments (always confirm a tournament's equipment requirements before entering). 

Mask Overlay Red Dragon

Measure the dimensions of your mask carefully. 

Two in One Back of the Head Protection and mask overlay

A mask overlay that provides back of the head protection and extra padding for your mask. **Contact seller before buying. Out of stock as of 4/2/2021

Fencing Mask

We suggest purchasing your fencing mask from our host clubs LionHeart Academy or Team Touche Fencing where a team member can help you fit the mask appropriately. Their pricing is competitive with other retailers. Call the club to make an appointment. 

HEMA Gloves

The Red Dragon Gloves are a little stiff but work well once they break in. There are lighter less bulky options out there but they do not provide adequate protection. 

Finger Tip Protection

These are for use with lighter gloves. We have found that gluing them on the exterior of the glove provides added protection without stretching out the glove. We strongly advise against lighter gloves than the Red Dragons (listed above) but if you insist on lighter gloves you are required to have finger tip protection. 


The steel masks can be a little finicky to get fitted but once you do, they seem to provide superior protection to the traditional fencing mask as they help to prevent bloody noses from thrusts. 

Gambesons by Quilted Armor

Custom made historical garment with breathable linen. Appropriate for reenactment and can be used with 14th century armor. 

Contact Yefimova Nataliya, via facebook messenger, for questions and purchases

Scholar Jacket

Modern HEMA jackets that are appropriate for our purposes. We recommend these over the quilted armor if you plan to participate in HEMA events outside of our club. 

Fighting with the German Longsword

If you're looking to further your studies, we recommend this introductory text on the German fighting system by our colleague, Christian Tobler. 

The Peter von Danzig Fight Book

For advanced students wishing to delve into the historical material. 

Turn Shoes Men

For participation in SCA and other reenactment events. These are also the shoes we wear with our armor. 

The men's and women's turn shoes are exactly the same. If your'e a man and they're out of your size, just size up 1.5 sizes and buy the men's. Women, do the reverse.

Turn Shoes Women

For participation in SCA and other reenactment events. These are also the shoes we wear with our armor. 

The men's and women's turn shoes are exactly the same. If your'e a woman and they're out of your size, just size down 1.5 sizes and buy the men's. Men, do the reverse.

Lady's Pelvic Protector

Ladies, you should be wearing groin protection. It is a requirement. The brand etc is up to you. Unfortunately, these are not commonly available. However, here is one option. 

Men's Sports Cup

Gentlemen, you are required to wear a sports cup. The brand etc is up to you. This is one option. 

Female Athletic Chest Protectors

Generally, the gambeson should be enough to protect the breast, however, on occasion a thrust may hit a more sensitive area. If you are concerned, these may be helpful.