San Diego Longsword

Western Martial Arts and historical medieval fencing,
with a focus on honor, respect, and the ideals of chivalry in action.

Meet Your Coaches


Scott Farrell

Founder, Program Director, and Head Coach

Scott is the founder and director of Chivalry Today, the parent program of San Diego Longsword. He has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of arms, armor, and medieval military history. He has extensively studied the historic manuscripts and written numerous articles on the subject. 

Scott has given lectures and demonstrations for a wide variety of groups with an interest in medieval history, armor, castles, knighthood, and the code of chivalry, including: The San Diego Shakespeare Society, The San Diego Historical Society, University of California Irvine Faculty Club, San Diego State University, Kiwanis International, The Rotary Club, The Boy Scouts of America, Sisters In Crime Mystery Writers, and Romance Writers of America

Loreen Mattis

Education Program Administrator and Coach

Loreen has been a Western Martial Artist since 2017. She has extensively studied the fighting arts and focused continually on the growth of her own practice and that of her students. Her weapons of choice are the longsword and spear in both armored and unarmored combat. 

As a professional high school educator, Loreen uses her teaching background to develop lesson plans for these fighting arts that are accessible to wide variety of HEMA practitioners and their various learning styles. Her goal is to create a studio culture that is culturally responsive, supportive, and inviting to all students interested in collaborating in pursuit of friendship and mastery of Western Martial Arts.  

Richard Headshot

Richard Orazi

Longsword Instructor 

Richard has been practicing the art of historical fencing (German longsword) since 2011, and instructing in San Diego Longsword's classes since 2013. He is well-known for his highly technical applications of the practices described in the historical manuscripts. Richard is also an accomplished practitioner of I.33 style sword and buckler.

He won the title of "Baronial Champion" in the Calafia Anniversary Tournament in 2017. Richard has participated in numerous SCA and WMA tournaments throughout the country.